Welcome to IV Thoughts, my personal blog where I can share all of my (IV) thoughts with everyone on the Internet my six friends who read this.


I had wanted to start this project since sometime in 2015, but it took me three years to come up with a good blog name. In reality, I just did not make it a priority until this year when a combination of a new perspective on life and encouragement from those close to me intermingled and bore this blog. I am not sure how long this project will last (or even if I like blogging), but decided there was only one way to find out.

Goal of IV Thoughts

My goal is to provide analysis that is carefully thought out with each and every published entry. I hope that anyone who reads this blog can take something away with them as I attempt to share my thoughts, improve my writing skills, entertain my readers, and create an incentive for me to tackle my growing list of side projects. The topics most likely covered on this blog will be baseball, fantasy sports, and data analysis, but anything could be discussed as the author (me) sees fit.

Congrats on starting a blog and all, but I still do not understand the name, care to explain?

Sure thing reader! Here are the four most important reasons for the name, in what I believe to be the most logical order.

1. I am the fourth (IV in Roman numerals) of my name.

2. This blog is a sharing of my thoughts.

3. I like clever word play (IV Thoughts ~= forethoughts)

4. I did not want to make the name baseball related and limit what I could post about.

That is one sweet logo you got there. It actually makes your site look legit. Did you make that youself?

Why thank you reader! Unfortunately, I am not talented in that way (though I can make a Microsoft Paint fantasy logo with the best of them), but I have a friend who happens to be an actual talented artist.

You can view his paintings and drone footage (which is awesome by the way, not that his paintings are not awesome (I actually have one hanging in my apartment right now), just a different kind of awesome) on his Facebook page via the link right at the end of this sentence which has gone on for far too long –> Free You. In fact, you can also buy prints of his various works from his website, www.freeyouart.com.


Closing Remarks

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I do creating it.

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