A Quick IV Thoughts: 10/1/19

Back in June, I wrote what I hoped would be the first in a series of weekly posts aimed to encourage me to write and share more of my thoughts, which I titled aptly titled A Quick IV Thoughts. I linked that post above and it goes over the details of what I am trying to accomplish with this series. Alas , I had not written anything for that series until today. Nonetheless, it is back. Today there is no theme to this post, just some thoughts I feel like sharing. Let’s get to it!

I Thought: End of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Season

This past Sunday, September 29th, marked the final day of the 2019 MLB regular season and with it, the final day of season long fantasy baseball leagues. Overall, I would consider this season of fantasy baseball a personal success as I managed to win some money, win a league I have not won before, lead both my dynasty teams towards contention, and of course had fun (use this parenthesis as a time to groan). As much as I like making money and winning leagues, I would not be participating in them if I did not find them fun. As to the specific leagues, here is a breakdown of my finishes:

  • 1st of 7 teams, AL only. Thank you Mike Trout!
  • 3rd of 15th in my NFBC Draft Champions league, 2nd time playing in one and my 2nd time finishing in 3rd by a few points. Unsure if I playing in one again.
  • Lost in the semifinals of my 24 team very deep( 800+ prospects owned) dynasty league. Team is in a good spot to compete again next season.
  • 5th of 15 teams, AL only dynasty for this season, but in 2nd of 30 teams (including 15 NL) for a overall prize for five season of playing. Hoping to improve upon that finish next year and win the five year prize!
  • 6th in Roto and 7th in H2H in my 12 mixed, keeper league with college friends. This one stings the most as I am normally a contender every year. I did have a strong second half, but it was not strong enough.
  • 8th of 11 teams, mixed league homers only. For the second year in a row, I have not been able to figure this league out.

Time to prep for 2020!

II Thought: MLB Walks to Strikeouts

With the conclusion of the 2019 MLB regular season, I have also updated my MLB Walk to Strikeout dashboard to reflect new data for the 2019 season. Like I have done the past two years, I will be writing a post reflecting on players of interest who accomplished the feat this season. I hope to get that out by the end of the week so stay tuned!

III Thought: Fantasy Football Rankings

My previous post concerned tracking Fantasy Football player Average draft position (ADP) over time. While I did not like the way I displayed the data for everyone to see, it was definitely a success when it comes to practicing my python skills and working on a project start to finish (once of course I figure out the best way to present the data). I recently published an update to the dashboard to include a line chart allowing users to select a player and see how their ADP changed over time by the different sources. It is not fancy or ideal, but definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully you find it interesting/useful, though maybe not until next season since draft season is over.

IV Thought: NBA Season and Upcoming Projects

While I have predominately written about baseball, and most recently fantasy football, I am planning to write at least a few posts on NBA related projects I have been working on recently. While I enjoy many sports, the NBA is currently my favorite to watch by far. Since I began watching it with my college roommates roughly eight years (feels like two years) ago, I have become increasingly obsessed. The NBA has definitely become a more analytical, as a league and in the public space, in the past decade and I hope to be able to contribute my own analytics (which was the original goal of this blog so about time) to that space this fall. Will I accomplish my goal? Check back in a few weeks to find out. Go Jazz! #TakeNote

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Original post on IVthoughts.com.

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